Pacific Timber Frame, Armstrong, BC

Pacific Timber Frame, Armstrong, BC

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Exterior Finish

Once your frame has been raised on site, the next step is to enclose the frame. This can be done using stress skin panels  or our own built up layered system. Both offer the exceptional insulation benefits of almost no thermal bridging like most  typical stud wall construction. This ensures that the timber frame is exposed, and the structural integrity is not compromised. This allows for a complete shell of insulation with no gaps. 

Installing stress skin panels (for further information on stress skin, please click on the Plasti-Fab link in our contact section) is the best option when time considerations are a factor. All the panels come cut to size with window and door openings in place. The panels are then craned into position and fixed to the frame.

We also offer our layered system. It consists of a 5/8" inch fire rated drywall (standard homes use non-fire rated 1/2 inch drywall),  2"x4" studs, closed cell foam insulation, and 1"x4" strapping. The exterior walls can now be applied with any  finishing material.

We offer flexible  R-values (insulation). We recommend  R20 in the walls and R40 in the roof. This gives a standard 5 1/2" wall width, while providing excellent savings on heating and cooling bills. Combined with our In-Floor Heating,  our clients have reported savings of  50% on their energy bills!