Pacific Timber Frame, Armstrong, BC

Pacific Timber Frame, Armstrong, BC

Timber Frame
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Homes Additions Trusses, Roof Systems, Barns, Decks, Gates, Stairs, Hand Rails, Enclosures, Radiant Floor Heating, Finish Carpentry, Built in Furniture, Timber Detail Logs and beams

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Pacific Timber FramePacific Timber Frame has existing designs, can create new designs, or create an addition to an existing building.   We offer many tools to help you with this process, check out the Sample Building Plan, which is an excellent tool whether you're building from scratch, or want to include an addition to an existing structure.  We offer photo's and examples of different types of timber frame homes, the tradition French, German, Craftsman, and Japanese, are good example of different types of Timber Frames. Also check out our Recent Projects, many of which offer combinations of style.  Check out our existing plans for ready to go designs.


We are flexible and easy to work with.  With have many years of experience in design, and can help you create the home of your dreams!

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